Repair & Services Prices:

Equipment purchased from us > 50CHF:

Freestyle scooter

Handlebar cut (Shortening) : Free of charge.
Griptape change : 5CHF.
Other assembly : Free of charge.
Tighten/adjust screws and bolts: : Free of charge.

Skateboard/longboard : 

Bearing installation : Free of charge.
Griptape change : 5CHF.
Griptape installation : Free of charge.
Other assembly : Free of charge.

Our repair services can be done immediately or within a 24-hour timeframe in case of high demand in the store.

Equipment not purchased from us:

Freestyle scooter :

Handlebar cut (Shortening):  15CHF (20CHF titan).
Griptape change : 10CHF.
Other assembly: from 5CHF *.
Tighten/adjust screws and bolts :
Free of charge.

Skateboard/Longboard :

Berings installation : 5CHF
Griptape change : 10CHF.
Griptape installation : 5CHF.
​Other assembly: : dès 5CHF*.

*5CHF for the first 10 minutes, then 1CHF per minute.

Overview of repair prices for Xiaomi e-scooters:

Tire replacement (solid or inner tube): 29CHF/Tire + material price
Analysis and estimate for repair : Free of charge.
Any repair requiring the intervention of a technician: :  60CHF/hours + material price.

​Our shop does not stock electric scooters. However, we can order Xiaomi electric scooters upon request